Dubai offers an extensive horizon of things to do, see, experience and learn.  It is surrounded by mysterious deserts, sand dunes and the stunning Hajar Mountains, it is divided by the Creek which is essentially an inlet from the gulf splitting the commercial center of Dubai in two, and within the city you’ll find amazing beach resorts, incredibly high tech buildings all side by side with old traditional houses giving you a peek of just what variety you can expect from your time in Dubai.


Things to do and see in Dubai

History & Heritage Fishing
Dhows Scenic Flying
Bastakiya “Artisan” Water Delight
Souks Wild Wadi
Wonder Bus Desert Safari
Open Top Bus Golf Courses
Cable Car Dubai Zoo
Souk Madinat Jumeirah Camel Racing
Shopping Dubai Horse Racing
Opera Dubai Autodrome
Burj Al Arab Dragon Mart
Skiing (inside) Knowledge Village
Lego Park Aqua park
Sky Dive Burj Khalifa

Arabic Language

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Sabaah al-khair   Sabaah al-khair
Greeting (Good Afternoon) Reply
Masaa al-khair Masaa al-khair
General Greeting (Peace Be With You)  Reply
As-salaam alaykum Wa alaykum as-salaam