The role of the Session Chair is outlined below:


To ensure the smooth running of your session, we recommend the following:

We kindly request that you assemble the Session Room at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your session. This will allow time for you to liaise with the speakers presenting in your session time.

Speakers have also been advised to meet with their Session Chair 15 minutes prior to the start of the session. This will give you an opportunity to obtain a brief history of the speakers in preparation of their presentations.


Presentation Times

It is extremely important to keep the program on time. Please be aware of the time periods speakers have been designated to present (15 minutes). Please ensure that the session runs within its allocated time frame, which is outlined in the program.

Should one of the papers in your session be cancelled or the speaker is not present, please keep to the program running order. We request that the order of the presentations remain the same and that gaps created are not filled, unless otherwise advised by the Scientific Committee. Please invite your audience to either remain in their seats or to join another concurrent session. The same policy applies if a speaker should finish their presentation earlier than expected. This will allow delegates to move between sessions if necessary and attend their nominated session.



At times it will be necessary for housekeeping announcements to be made at the beginning or the end of sessions. These announcements will be provided by Conference Managers either in person or will be left on the head table prior to the start of the session. We request that these announcements be made to ensure that all delegates are aware of the necessary information.



There will be a dedicated technician available for any audiovisual requirements.

Speakers have been requested to visit the Speaker’s Ready Room allocated in Baniyas Conference facilities 15 minutes prior to their session to load their sessions.