General information

Speakers are kindly asked to visit the Speaker’s Ready Room and download their presentation with the help of audiovisual/IT technicians one day before or at least 2 hours before the start of their sessions.


Time Allotted

The session time allotted to you as outlined in the program is inclusive. Please ensure that you keep to your allotted time frame. Time allotted to each presentation is 15 minutes inclusive except for Young Neurosurgeon Forum presentations is 10 minutes. The chairperson will time your presentation and provide you with a warning after 15 seconds overrun and then stop your presentation immediately (microphone turn off automatically).

More questions and friendly comments can be entertained informally during coffee breaks.


Speaker’s Ready Room:

The Speaker’s Ready Room will be open from:

                15:00 – 18:00      on 15 March 2018

                06:30 – 18:00      on 16 March 2018

                06:30 – 18:00      on 17 March 2018

                07:00 – 12:00      on 18 March 2018


Audiovisual and IT Technician

We advise to bring your presentation on USB or external hard drive. A presentation should be in “PowerPoint format”, videos should be encoded as MPEG.

The use of personal laptops is not recommended, for sake of better time management of the session.

Speakers are kindly requested to be physically present 15 minutes before the start of the assigned session to meet the chairperson and check in with the IT technician.